How to handle Compiere Invoice vs payment multiple currency in a right way

- Compiere

Any ERP having rounding issue while allocating invoice vs payment with different currencies

One of our customer, Received invoices in multiple currencies (EUR, USD, JPY) but payment maintained in INR

Payment doc no# 71517 => 298150.58 INR (Dt.16/05/2019)


Conversion Currency Rate for INR to EUR => 80.34

First Invoice maded on doc no: 5519003892 (Dt.31/01/2019)—> 2095.16 EUR when you convert into INR (2095.16 * 80.3) = 168325.15 INR

Second Invoice made on doc no: 5519003046(Dt.31/01/2019)—-> 1615.95 EUR when you convert into INR (1615.95 * 80.3) = 129825.42 INR

Sum of two invoices = 168325.15 + 129825.42 —–> 298150.57

During allocation of Invoice vs Payment ——–> 298150.58 – 298150.57. We have got difference = 0.01

Solution: To include this difference amt 0.01 to allocation amount either invoice 1 or invoice 2

So that It will fall either Foreign Gain or loss account


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