Where to find Compiere Trial Balance drill down feature for Web edition

- Compiere

In Compiere web edition, we don’t have facility to drill down detail transaction from particular GL after run the Trial Balance

So user has to go and verify the details list from another report “Account entries by Date” by selecting Particular GL

It becomes very frustration to the Accounting department to verify the value if any GL having mismatch


So We have provided the option to drill down by exporting the report into HTML.

From, that we can able to see the detail of Transaction for any GL in the form of excel sheet

During Run the TB select File format as “HTML” as like image below

After click ok button, System will generate the report in HTML format as like below

From that, I have selected “Re-Agents” GL account to see the detail of Transaction

After open the file, system will display the detail transaction for the GL

It’s easy for the Accounting user to verify the TB during match back