Easy to fix tax value difference between CGST vs SGST

- Compiere

When we run trial balance, the tax value should be equal for CGST and SGST for any date range

If the value is not matched like below for 19202 – SGST input (che) -9% value shown 146330.98 but 19203 – CGST input (che) -9% value shown 140689.24 wrongly

Now we will see how to resolve this quickly


List the invoices on particular date range

Verify the Invoice posting value happened both against this GL

If not matched like below

Other creditor Invoice Tax mapped in Line

But Posting value happened in different GL instead of 19243 for SGST (Exp GL), it is posted against 19202 against non-expense GL

To resolve this

In Tax screen, for child tax of SGST – 9% – Mfg – Exp are configured correct GL (Tax Credit) in Accounting tab

Here you can see that Tax Credit GL mapped wrongly 19202 instead of 19243

So changed to correct GL 19243

Re-post the corresponding invoice. It will show right tax amount