Employee Permission Hours Management in Odoo ERP

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Permission Hours Management in Odoo ERP allows the employee to apply permission for a duration of 1 hour. This module efficiently manages the records of the employees who have applied for permission and as well as the remaining permission hours that are left for the current month

The permission is created by entering the type of permission and the date along with the Time. The duration of the permission will be calculated automatically

Odoo permission creation 1

Permission hours can be take in the Evening, Morning and During Working Hours for a period of 1 hour and also, the permissions cannot be planned in advance but can be availed only for the current date.

Permission can be availed only twice a month. Hence, the system will not allow the user to create permission request more than twice

Once the permission is created by the Employee, an automatic E-mail will be sent to the Employee and the Manager. The Manager will then approve/reject the permission request

Odoo permission email notification