Get rid of hassles and headaches of shift management using Odoo ERP

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Shift management using Odoo ERP aids in managing organizing the resources in an efficient manner. If there are employees who work at different shifts in a Company, then this module comes into play for the betterment of the organization

With the help of this module, the administrator creates the various shifts for the Organization and then the employees are allotted with respective shifts. The employees can also request for different shifts that has to be approved by the Manager based on the various needs

Shift Configuration

Shift Configuration has to be done in the initial stage. The various shifts has to be created with

  • Shift type

  • Shift In Time

  • Shift Out Time

  • Shift Grace Time

  • Working Hours

Only when the shift configuration is done, the employees can be allotted with various shifts

Odoo Shift Creation

Shift Allocation

Once the shift configuration is done, the employees are allocated with their own respective shifts by the Administrator and the Managers have to approve the shift allocation of the employee based on the requirement.

Odoo Shift Allocation

An E-mail notification will be sent to the respective Employee and the Manager regarding the shift allocation

Shift Request

Shift request allows the employee to request for a change in or a shift rotation. The reason for the shift request has to be mentioned in the shift request along with the shift type and the duration

Odoo shift request

An E-mail will be sent to the Employee and the respective Manager regarding the shift request and the shift approval/rejection

Odoo Shift approval email notification

The E-mail notification reassures the Employee and the Manager about the change in shift