5 ways to repackage of damaged goods using ERP process

- Compiere

What if a Business wants to repackage their damaged goods & re-sell?

Generally lots of Businesses will see their goods being damaged during transportation. The cost of these goods could run into several lakhs or even crores. In order to able to recover some cost from the damaged goods, there is a process called conversion. Here any damaged goods can be taken back, unpacked & if possible can be reassembled into a completely new product/products and once again taken for sales by any Business.

The damaged goods will be taken back at a nominal value. The cost for the damaged goods will be the total cost of product/products of the newly reassembled goods. Decreasing Quantity will always entered as 1st line. Increasing Quantities will always entered as subsequent lines. Only 1 product will be entered for every transaction for decreasing.


For example, 100 ML Product can be converted into 10*10 ML products

The total value of Decreasing quantity need not be sum total of increasing quantity

Print Vendor Barcode will be used for existing/new products which are increasing

Existing Barcode will be used for 1st line decrease product

***Note : Only new lot to be given for Batch & Expiry products

For example, If Product A with Lot A has cost of Rs 60 for 100 ML

Product B with Lot B for 10*10 ML has to be a new lot with a New cost of Rs 6 as if any existing lot is picked (for ex: Rs 4.5 10 ML), then Rs 45 (4.5*10) will only be taken & balance 15 Rs (1.5*10) will be posted in Purchase Price

Products for spares & instruments(automatically) lot will be generated

For products to be increased the barcodes will have to be entered manually in the Barcode field provided, but product line for increase will be 1 only & quantity will be 10