Ensure data accuracy between costing and Transaction value in Compiere ERP

- Compiere

During import inventory, the product and it’s cost is updated properly in Compiere system.

After that, we have implemented Customer return without Sales Order reference.

During posting customer return, system wrongly update the cost value instead of taking opening inventory costing value. So sub sequence transaction posting with wrong cost.


In Trial balance, it always fetch the posted value against each transaction

But stock summary fetch from cost table since cost value is changed

Trial Balance calculates

For e.g. Sales Order doc no 1001 , posted with the following values

Product A : Qty ->10, Cost –> 12 , so posted value shown 120 (10*12)

Sales Return doc no 2100, posted with the following values

Product A: Qty –> 3, Cost – >8 (due to issue in Sales Return), so posted value shown 24 (3*8) instead of 36 (3*12)

TB shown 120-24 =>96

Stock Summary calculates

Qty – >(10-3) * 8 => 56 (it calculates all the qty against latest cost value)

So report shown mismatch value between Trial balance vs Stock summary report



Identified the customer return without SO reference documents and updated the correct cost value as per opening inventory cost


Root cause: Not yet identified.