Wish to migrate from existing retail POS solution? we’ve got exactly what you need

- Compiere

The initial hasty mistake

A lot of startup retail and even well-established businesses would’ve hastily made a decision and spent money on a retail ERP POS software just so they can start their business right away. But the major problem they face afterward is how well they can customize the POS solution for their unique business and that in-turn begs the question, will the solution provider be responsive and address all the needs of our business and will they provide a dependable and dedicated support for the solution they’ve implemented for our business.

What should I do? Decisions… Decisions…

At this juncture, the business can either force themselves to live with what they got(ie their half-baked POS solution) OR they can look for a new solution which has all the existing features in current POS solution along with extra value added features and easily adaptable to the ever growing and evolving business needs.

If you’re a decision maker and you’ve decided to go with the second option, we’ve got just the thing for you. With our completely streamlined retail POS solution powered by adempiere, you can put your mind to ease and never have to worry about any new business need getting left out in the POS solution and guess what, you get to quickly migrate from existing POS system, preserving master data with all the transactions. So you never have to set up the whole thing all over again.


I got the product. Now, why do I need support?

Any business, even when carefully planned, need to have a contingency plan and the experts who can execute it so business doesn’t have to face risks or limit themselves. Whenever the market presents a new opportunity, we should be ready to grab it. And with a dedicated support team, you get to implement your ideas and accelerate your business to the next level.

Current Migrations supported from Unipro, gofrugal and unipro cafe


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