Looking for a Point of Sale on a Budget with all features?

- Compiere

Looking for a Point of Sale on a Budget with all features?

If you are frustrated with the limitations or costs of the current point of sale systems for your business there is good news. Yes, you need to have a POS software that is not only affordable but also has been designed a better way for businesses to get and stay updated, with the latest in POS systems. Now can you get a name brand POS system for your business at a price that is much more affordable than previously available?

Compiere POS & ERP is on Open Source and let us easy, how by using Open Source, the cost of Compiere ERP is affordable

Customize business requirements on demand

You will appreciate that any business to out beat the competitors and run with profit and quality service, requires customization. You must have experienced that software firm does customization which is localized for a particular customer. This means that any upgrading of new versions introduced by the software firm would mean re-customizing the earlier ones.


Compiere POS & ERP will ensure that by plug and play model customizations of various customers are handled. All customizations are centrally located. Also, the time is taken or customizing changes are second to none because the following happens

1. Workflow based process
2. Flexible user interface
3. Web service for integration

Direct Savings on License Cost

One of the biggest challenges, particularly for smaller businesses, is finding a POS system that is affordable.

On top of the above cost saver, Compiere POS & ERP since it operates on Open Source, there is a direct saving on License Cost