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Price List in Compiere

The Price List Window allows you to generate product price lists for your Business Partners. Price lists determine currency and tax treatment. Price list versions allow the user to maintain parallel lists for different date ranges. The most current price list version is used based on the document date. All price lists have three prices: List, Standard and Limit First step is to create a base price list. You can manually add products and enter the prices or create them automatically. The base price list is often the purchase price list with list price (‘official’ retail price), the standard price (your purchase price). The limit price can be used to check your final purchase costs after discounts, rebates, etc. Pricelists can be calculated and copied. To speed up the calculation, the parameters are stored and used when creating a new price list version.

Scenario(When / Why do we need this feature)

It’s been a major pain to modify every product’s price to suit the occasional events like Christmas eve, black Friday and other festive days to boost up the sales. There could be a huge list of products that needs to be promoted based on vendors, brands, and other aspects. Without pricelists, changing every product and reverting it back once the festivities are over is time-consuming


How did the feature transform the business process

Pricelists in Compiere ERP makes it easy to switch between specific festive discounts and switch back once they are over. Brand specific and vendor specific pricelists can be created easily and every pricelist can have their own start and end dates…

“Manage and switch unique pricelists with ease”


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