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Compiere supports to manage shelf life in an efficient way for each product and also allow configuring customer required shelf life for product wise

Scenario(When / Why do we need this feature)


Normally, there are different types of products available in the distribution business. In case of pharmacy products, all the products are maintained as expiry date. If the product is expired, then we cannot keep it for sales in the store. So this types of products having particular shelf life days. Shelf life days for a product are ‘Recommended maximum no of time for the product can be stored, during which the defined quality of the product remains acceptable’.

How did the feature transform the business process

The below lines describes how it is achieved in the Compiere,

There three level of configuration available,

1. Product Level configuration

2. Customer wise product configuration

For the entire above, total shelf life of the product should be configured in the product.

  • Product-level configuration – In Product screen, there is a provision to configure minimum shelf life days for the product and this is common for all customers. While create customer shipment for the product the system verifies whether the product having minimum shelf life configured. If it is satisfied the rule, it will allow to create shipment. The shelf life is calculated based on the Expiry Date defined in the product.
  • Customer wise product configuration – In Customer screen, there is provision to configure customer wise Shelf life for the product, which can be in number or Percentage, if you configured both then the number is taken finally and calculated the shelf life for the product and shipped to customer.

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