tenthplanet blog compiere Problems that a modern Retail software can solve

Retail solution is a complete solution that helps you bill, build customer loyalty, manage customers, keep track of stock...

tenthplanet blog odoo 13 Benefits of Implementing Odoo ERP

Odoo ERP is a single software that covers all the requirements. It also helps to improvise the quality and the efficiency of the business.

tenthplanet blog odoo Key Things to know about Odoo ERP before Implementation

ERP has now become a highly dependable and a satisfactory model for all business applications.

tenthplanet blog odoo Top 7 Challenges While Migrating from Odoo CE 10 to Odoo 11

Custom Modules Upgrade, Sequences in custom reports, Unnecessary js creates a problem, Uninstall accountant_accountant module

tenthplanet blog pentaho Predictive Analytics тАУ How Optimized Pricing increases Revenue a

Ever wondered how airline prices work, what process is involved before fixing up a price for any product

tenthplanet blog pentaho Driver Behaviour Driver Monitoring and Analysis

Understanding Driving Behaviour, helps to improve traffic security by profiling and classifying drivers based on their individual driving pattern


Chatbots, also called as “Voice Bot’s”, have become enormously popular over the last few years

tenthplanet blog odoo How to resolve memory issues in Odoo PostgreSQL

Try to remove unwanted un-used addons from “addons” folder. Tune postgres for better performance

tenthplanet blog odoo GST in Odoo

Goods & Service Tax or GST will be levied on goods and services. It will replace all the various Indirect taxes and bring them under one umbrella

tenthplanet blog compiere Generate Transport Manifest

The Generate Transport Manifest screen in Compiere helps to create the manifest of a truck that carries the customer’s shipment

tenthplanet blog compiere Credit Limit Request

Customer can purchase good through cash or credit sales. Using Credit sales Customer can purchase the goods through

tenthplanet blog compiere NTANon Trading Account Product

The NTA Price List screen allows you to generate product price lists for your Business Partners.