Comparison on Pentaho, AWS, Azure and Open Source Stack based on Data Platform, Data Lake, Data Visualization, Data Science and General


What is the data storage platform you would like to use? What is the Data Ingestion [ETL] tools you would like to use? What is the Data Processing tools you would like to use?


New Client, Purchase, Sales and Inventory, Purchase and Sales Return, Manufacturing, Costing and Accounting


A measurable value that can be evaluated over a specific time period, determine the gap between actual and targeted performance and determine organization effectiveness and operational


Odoo Human Resource Management is used to manage the Employee data, Leaves, Attendance, Expenses, Recruitment, Appraisal, Resignation etc...


Indian Payroll processing is the process of the administration of employees financial records which can be effectively done in Odoo Human Resource Management.


Compiere is a leading Cloud-based, open-source ERP software system. Compiere provide solutions with easy, flexible, low-cost access to rich functionality


Boosting is a sequential process, where each subsequent model attempts to correct the errors of the previous model. The succeeding models are dependent on the previous model.


Ensemble Methods mostly are used in winning machine learning competitions by devising sophisticated algorithms and producing results with high accuracy


The K-Nearest Neighbors (K-NN) method of classification is one of the simplest methods in machine learning, it is essentially.


Artificial Neural Networks are the computational models inspired by the human brain.


Random Forest is a supervised learning algorithm. As mentioned in the name, it creates a forest and makes it somehow random.