Understanding Driving Behaviour, helps to improve traffic security by profiling and classifying drivers based on their individual driving pattern

Chatbots, also called as “Voice Bot’s”, have become enormously popular over the last few years

Try to remove unwanted un-used addons from “addons” folder. Tune postgres for better performance

Goods & Service Tax or GST will be levied on goods and services. It will replace all the various Indirect taxes and bring them under one umbrella

The Generate Transport Manifest screen in Compiere helps to create the manifest of a truck that carries the customer’s shipment

Customer can purchase good through cash or credit sales. Using Credit sales Customer can purchase the goods through

The NTA Price List screen allows you to generate product price lists for your Business Partners.

Gift Product tab maintains the gift products which are purchased from the 3rd party vendors

The Price List Window allows you to generate product price lists for your Business Partners

Compiere supports to manage shelf life in an efficient way for each product and also allow configuring customer required shelf life

The NTA Product Tab defines each product and identifies it for use in NTA orders

Create business-language definitions for complex or cryptic database tables