Pganalyze is a monitoring system for PostgreSQL databases. It processes statistics data available from the built-in Postgres statistics views, as well as additional system level data like CPU and I/O performance metrics.

The MySQL Cluster provides high availability and throughput for MySQL database management system. It consists of one or more management nodes that store the cluster’s configuration.

Time-series data with multiple seasonal effects are difficult to model and require the use of specialised algorithms. TBATS is a time-series forecasting method that accounts for multiple seasonalities.

Raw data is normally ambiguous and difficult to interpret. Cleaning it is essential in order to understand the relationships between the variables present in the data.

Pentaho Repository is an environment for collaborative analysis and ETL development. The necessity of backing up the pentaho repository helps to restore

Predicting customer churn can help your business improve upon those areas where customer service is lacking and improve revenue.


Demand forecasting is essential for estimating how customer's demand for products and services vary in the foreseeable future


Salesforce acquiring of big data firm Tableau is aimed at offering more data insights to its clients


It’s the first step towards acquiring new tools and features. Migration to lightning experience is a complex process and detailed preparation and planning are essential to success


Increase Security in Pentaho by SSL self signed configuration