Odoo 14 Operations – Compare EE Vs CE

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The following table shows the difference between Odoo 14 Community Vs Enterprise edition – Operations

Operations Apps Description Odoo 14 CE Odoo 14 EE
Accounting Odoo accounting app connects directly to your bank accounts. Transactions are synchronized every hour. Odoo accounting is connected with different Odoo apps such as sale, purchase, inventory and subscriptions etc. no yes
Odoo accounting – Comprehensive Accounting It includes Ledger, Vendor Bill OCR, Budgets, Bank Statements Reconciliation, Analytics Accounting, Consolidations, Localizations etc no yes
Accounting – AI AI – powered Invoice Automation no yes
Project Odoo Project Management app displays all the projects in a dashboard with the task list. yes yes
Inventory You can manage your warehouse, vendors, purchase flows etc using Odoo inventory management module. yes yes
Purchase Odoo Purchase module helps to manage all your suppliers information, order you did for purchases, Inventory management, pricing for suppliers etc. You can easily manage all your purchase orders using this module. yes yes
Manufacturing(MRP) Odoo Manufacturing helps to handle the process of Production, Manage BoM, Manufacturing Orders, and Tracking Work Orders, etc yes yes
Manufacturing(MRP) – Workcenter, Control Panel, Scheduling The user can configure the details of work center to perform rout based production. Schedule the production in an effective way. no yes
Maintenance Maintenance module plays a major role in managing efficiency. It provides Calender and Kanban views to track the progress of the maintenance request. yes yes
PLM Odoo PLM is used to manage entire product data, maintain Bill of materials (BOM) revisions and track the product lifecycle based on change orders and product files. It helps you to communicate effectively with various departments of your company. no yes
Quality You can create the Quality Control Points during the manufacturing process of the products to reduce production mistakes no yes
Helpdesk Organize your support tickets easily. You can get an instant view of your team’s current task and check the status of a ticket no yes
Field Service Odoo Field Service Module used for field workers in the company to track of various components like Inventory, Customer portals, Scheduling, Vehicle tracking etc. no yes
IoT box IoT box allows the users to connect different IoT operated devices with the Odoo platform. no yes