Odoo 14 Human Resource Management – Compare EE Vs CE

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The following table shows the difference between Odoo 14 Community Vs Enterprise edition – Human Resource Management

Human Resources Apps Description Odoo 14 CE Odoo 14 EE
Employees This Employees module helps to create employee profiles, handle attendance, maintain contracts, update time sheets, allocate leaves etc yes yes
Employees – Departmental Dashboard Provides options to get a dashboard per manager. no yes
Recruitment Recruitment module helps to post job offers in a website and follow the application process. It handles everything from application emails to automatic replies. yes yes
Fleet Odoo’s fleet module is used to manage the operations of a vehicle service provider. It manages the details of vehicle, specify contracts, monitor fuel consumption, Vehicle maintenance etc. yes yes
Time Off Odoo Time off module helps to handle leave management in an easy way. It provides calendar view and Gantt view to get a details of leaves taken by the employees. yes yes
Expenses Odoo 14 Expenses module enables to manage all the expenses of employees including travel, office supplies, events, etc. Employees can submit expense details with the details of receipts for approval. yes yes
Employee Referrals Odoo 14 Employee Referrals module allows the employees to refer their known members for the new job openings in same the company. The employees are rewarded by points if the referred members passes the interview. no yes
Payroll Odoo’s Payroll includes different salary rules which helps to calculate the salary of employees during payroll creation process. Odoo Payroll management helps to generate pay slip individually or based on category. no yes
Payroll – Expense Digitalization (OCR) This module enables you to digitize the bills maintenance process, it automatically import the expense data to the DB and reduces human errors and saves the time. no yes
Payroll – Reimbursement in Payslip Reimbursement in Payslip allows the employee to request reimbursement in payslip. The accountant can proceed the reimbursement immediately or hold it for the next month. no yes
Appraisal Odoo Employee appraisal module helps to implement the appraisal in a company to keep performance level of the employees high. The Employee Appraisal module has easily configurable workflow engine. no yes