Moving Away From Traditional Data Warehouse

- Pentaho

The major concerns behind to move away from traditional data warehouses,

1. Data warehouses are specifically designed for structured data.
2. Lack of availability, affecting business agility and time-to-market
3. Increased operational risk and threat of data breach
4. Increased latency issues as data volumes grow with complexity
5. Tightly coupled platform and integration affecting agility
6. Takes more time to build

Benefits of a move away from traditional data warehouses

– Cost
– Availability
– Performance
– Anytime/Anywhere access
– Security
– Ease of administration
– Structured/ Unstructured data

Many enterprises have started their data-to-decision transformation journey enabled by hybrid, public, and private clouds.
With the advantage of hybrid and cloud-native platforms, next-generation data warehouses are becoming smarter in all
three dimensions—storage, computing infrastructure, and services.

Additionally, built-in resiliency, enterprise-grade security, and protected data-sharing capabilities
are making them intelligent enough to empower users for generating insights into a self-service consumption model.

Business Benefits:

• Creation of a data-driven customer journey, resulting in increased customer satisfaction
• Enhanced business agility and faster time-to-market, enabling improved and faster decision making
• Reduced infrastructure, maintenance, and admin overhead costs resulting in improved ROI
• Anytime/anywhere access, enabling self-service BI capabilities
• Automation based on AI/ML