Audit report of the Pentaho BA Server – Chimney Tool

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1. Why do you need an audit report of the Pentaho BA Server in all aspects?

Yes, we have the solution to auditing the Pentaho BA server in the aspects such as Infrastructure of the Server, Authentication method configured for Console, Security applied on the Server, Clients and Solution tools, etc.

1.1. What report contains and consists?

It consists of the aspects based current setup, its risk factor ratio, challenges faced, suggestions given, benefits on upgrade/fix. It contains a comparison of your current setup and the best-recommended setup.

1.2. Any Sample Report?

Yes, Chimney is the tool that audits your current setup and compares your setup with the best-recommended setup. Finally gives the list of the report based on the aspects. Sample report on Authentication aspect below,

Chimney UI
Chimney Sample Report

2. What are the possible Challenges?

Based on the comparison of the current setup, we have listed the challenges based on aspects,

2.1. Authentication

  • Various type of Authentication Provider
  • External Custom SSO
  • Spring Based Authentication Provider
  • Upgrade of the Provider

2.2. Security

  • SSL Configuration
  • Enforced SSL
  • Hardening of an Application server
  • Hardening of Pentaho

2.3. Infrastructure

  • Difference Operating System
  • Inefficient Memory Allocation
  • Robust External Memory

2.4. Repository

  • Centralized Repository Database
  • Clustered Server and High availability
  • Solution and Client tools

2.5. Pentaho DI server

  • Deprecated steps
  • RMI Steps
  • Performance tuning

What are the Solutions Suggested?

We suggest below solution to overcome the challenges,

  • Upgrade the Authentication Provider / Migrate the Custom SSO Authentication provider
  • Manual validation on the Security
  • Repository Migration
  • Failover and High availability refining
  • Performance tuning