Why we need to upgrade the Pentaho Server?

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Why we need to upgrade the Pentaho Server?


The server and its features should be up-to-date. Upgrading the server will come with new features and add-on. The performance of the Security and Process will be better. The world is fast in inventing new technologies and framework which should be supported by our Business Analytics all the time. So we should be upgraded to the extent of the technologies.

What benefits we get on Upgrading the Server?

Again its new features like the Snow flake Data Warehouse tool, Message Queuing Transmitter, and Receiver, Big Data Tool, Clustering, Reports, and its features. Analytical and Metadata Reports and Designer will be upgraded. Benefits are plenty to use in the latest version.

How difficult to upgrade the Pentaho Server?

Difficult to Audit the current setup of the Pentaho Server leads to the upgrade the Pentaho Server. We should know or we might miss out on some feature on the upgrade of the Pentaho Server. It will risk your upgrade process. Secondly, Pentaho upgrade utility might fail or gives error while upgrading the process. So it is difficult to debug the error and takes technical tactics to overcome the issues.

So You might have the question, What are the Upgrade tools for Pentaho Server?

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