What are the key advantages of the Odoo ERP system compared to other ERP?

- Odoo

We are just highlighting the key advantages of Odoo ERP over any other ERP software’s available in the market either for free or proprietary.

Below are the few core features Odoo which will attract everyone to use it.

  1. Cost – Odoo is significantly less expensive than any other ERP when it comes to the total cost of deployment plus the absence of any licensing fees. The cost difference itself is enough for most clients to decide against SAP.
  2. Customizations – Odoo can be customized extensively by any developer with a good grasp of Python (and a little JS for the POS UI). No SDK, no licenses, just a straightforward jump into the code. Other ERP software customization’s are limited and expensive – as with many other proprietary systems. For a client with a lot of custom processes or need to link to local APIs, Other ERP software becomes problematic.
  3. Because Odoo is basically a Python application, it can run on Linux, Windows, possibly Android and can possibly be deployed on some embedded system such as a Raspberry Pi whereas many other ERP software’s are not easily as portable, and generally is targeted at MS Windows platforms. This certainly limits the uses of the platform.
  4. Generic framework which can be adapted to suit your needs
  5. There are lots of addons developed already covering almost all major verticals and domains
  6. Development time is far less when compared to other ERP’s
  7. Very good documentation from the company Odoo itself
  8. It has a vast eCommerce front capable of running a fully loaded eCommerce store. At the same time act as a very good CMS tool.
  9. Web-based available with all hosting options like At premise, on cloud, SAAS and others..
  10. Scalable enough to compete with any other ERP
  11. Progressive in the sense that there is a new version released every year
  12. Installation, configuration is very easy and is much user-friendly