What are the expectations of an ERP customer? [ Actually any customer ]

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Expectations of an ERP customer listed below

  1. Looking for a FIXED PRICE implementation & go live services
    • Customers expect MODULE wise FIXED pricing for implementation and go live, as they may not use all the modules from day 1
  2. Looking for a FIXED PRICE for annual support for standard bugs, clarifications, data fixes and minimal change requests
    • No charge for Bugs
  3. Looking for a FIXED RATE CARD for CHANGE REQUEST, EXTENSION work upfront and not charge based on ad-hoc time & material charges
    • Not interested to pay for additional hours spent on multiple environment for Change request/Extension work
  4. Easy to understand visual DOCUMENTS online
  5. Easy detailed TRAINING for end users to help them adopt new system quickly
    • Need shadow training for DATA ENTRY user during mock data entries from legacy system
    • Customers expect our functional subject matter expert to be present ONSITE for requirements gathering, training,master data cleanup, opening balance cleanup activities
    • Customers expect our TECHNICAL experts to be onsite to DEPLOY environments and train ADMIN users of customers to manage on cloud or premise
  6. Online ticketing system SUPPORT DESK for raising issues anytime
  7. Customized REPORTS as per their business practices
    • Reports are the key area and it should be very fast and match back with other reports
  8. Quick GO LIVE execution with reasonable CUSTOMIZATION
    • Easily configurable Accounting as their business practices like other accounting software standards
  9. Improved, streamlined BUSINESS PROCESS shifting to a new ERP
    • New ERP should support seamless integration with other Systems. Also support web/mobile
  10. Always highly responsive proactive CUSTOMER SERVICE and leadership from the vendor
    • Expect to educate value added in new ERP system
    • Periodical upgrade for ERP system is proactive customer service from vendor
    • Periodical data archive for ERP system is proactive customer service from vendor
    • Identify the pain points from the customer and solve the issues upfront.Yes agreed and few more points I could think off
  11. Customer Looking for Readily available product to use without waiting for customization
  12. Looking for warranty for a specific period after go live
  13. Looking for Mobile friendly and User friendly version / with Mobile app support
  14. Looking for defined operation & support with defined SLAs
  15. Looking for 99.99% server uptime with high performance always