Try Odoo ERP’s Multi-Company feature to grow your business

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Odoo ERP’s Multi-Company environment comes of help for small companies as well as the multi national companies. In order to maintain the business, Odoo provides a solution by managing the inter-company feature which will aid to buy or sell products and services between the different branches within your company.

By setting up the multi-companies every details such as maintaining the Users,Chart of Accounts,Warehouses according to the inter companies is now possible.

Rules for Sales and the Purchase order can also be maintained and if a purchase or sales order is created for a particular group,the corresponding document is automatically generated for the respective company.

Setting up the Multi-Companies

To set up the Multi-Companies, Go to Settings module and select General Settings. Under the Multi-Companies tab,the Companies and the respective rules can be added.

Odoo Multi Companies img1

New companies can be created by clicking the Companies button.This allows you to create a new inter company.

Odoo Multi Companies img2

Once the companies are set, the Inter Company Flows can be added. This gives two options such as:

  • To synchronize the Sales and Purchase order
  • Synchronize Invoices and Bills

When synchronization is done for the sales and purchase order, rules can be set for the same by mentioning the respective companies.

The rules have to saved for proper functioning of the same.

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User Settings

In order to make a user access multiple companies, the Multi Companies checkbox has to be checked for that user.

Odoo Multi Companies img4

A user can be given the access to handle multiple companies. The company for which the user is allowed to access and the current company must also be mentioned for the user.

Odoo Multi Companies IMG5

The users will be allowed to handle the corresponding companies that is mentioned in the above settings.

Chart of Accounts

The chart of accounts can also be maintained separately for every company. In order to do this, go to Accounting module and under Configuration menu, the Chart of Accounts can be added

Odoo Multi Companies img6

The default taxes and the type of account can be mentioned for the Company.