Top 7 Challenges While Migrating from Odoo 10 to Odoo 11 !

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Given below are 7 challenges you should take care of during Odoo 10 to Odoo 11 Migration:

1. Custom Modules Upgrade

One of the biggest challenges during migration is to migrate our custom modules and upgrade it along with odoo base modules. We need to merge our custom addons in a place where the migration script is running. We have used open source python scripting called Opengrade.

2. Sequences in custom reports

After migration, there are some reasons why few sequences were missing. We need to check those sequences and create it execute it if needed.

3. Unnecessary js creates problem

Unused Javascript files after migration has to be removed immediately otherwise it will not allow some modules to work with. For example, Kanban view in Employee module click event failed due to unnecessary js files in source folder.

4. Uninstall accountant_accountant module

Odoo CE V11 is not having accounting module since it is integrated with invoicing module. So after migration we need to uninstall from apps and delete the source from physical folder to avoid problems.

5. Python Version Updation from Python2 to Python3

Odoo CE V11 runs completely on Python version3 where few functions mentioned below needs to be modified for its compatability

  • Unicode formatter is now str
  • Basestring is now str
  • Cstring with bytesio

6. Improved UI

Odoo 11’s user interface is better in more than one aspects. And when it comes to better UI, easy functionality is the first thing that comes to our mind. Yes, it has excellent functionalities with some enticing features given below:

  • Facility of effective scheduling of next activities.
  • New design with color coding for different functions.
  • Customized Real-time reports.
  • Flowcharts having drill down facility.
  • A side chatter for wide screens.

7. Web / Base Module

Heart of Odoo server is with web and base modules. Once migration is done, we need to completely upgrade our web and base module which will resolve all dependencies to run your odoo to later version 11.

If you are considering Odoo 11 migration, you should know that it has things in store for both the enterprises and their end users. Being an Odoo Ready Partner, TenthPlanet aims to provide Odoo development to make your ERP needs function in a better way. Get in touch with us to know more about our Odoo services!