Steps to setup Pentaho to start on boot

- Pentaho

Step1: Create a”.sh” file in any location {example:vi}

Step2: Open “.sh” file and insert the below command, path to in below command refers to the pentaho directory path

su - username -c "path to ./ start postgresql"
path to ./ start

example:- to start postgresql insert

{su - dev020 -c "/home/dev020/Pentaho/./ start postgresql"}

to start pentaho server insert


Step3: After the above commands are inserted save the”.sh”file and give executive permission.

Step4: Create a cron job by entering crontab -e in the terminal, which will open a new editor window, then insert

“@reboot sh path to” in the editor and save it.

path to in above command refers to the path where the .sh( file was created


{@reboot sh /home/dev020/}