Reach out to your customers using Odoo ERP E-mail Marketing

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Email marketing in Odoo is used to send a message or a common announcement to a group of people who may be current or potential customers. It helps to meet the business requirements in an advanced format and helps in acquiring new customers and retain the current customers.

The allows us to create mailings with different templates that are already present in the module. The leads,customers and other groups from the Organization’s contacts can be grouped and the respective newsletters can be sent to them using the Mailing Lists.


The subject of the mail can be entered. The recipients can be chosen from the options like,Contact,Lead/Opportunity etc., and the related records will be added automatically. If the Lead/Opportunity is selected, the related records or leads email ids will be added.

The mailings consists of different attractive templates that are already present and can be edited accordingly.

The from and reply to address can be mentioned in the mail and also, attachments can be done if any.

Once all are set, the mail can be sent immediately or can be scheduled later. The status of the mail such as Draft,In Queue,Sending and Sent will be updated.

In addition to that, the count of Emails sent, how many emails opened or how many reviewed or replied are featured.

Mailing Lists and Mailing lists contacts

A new mailing list can be created by entering the name of the list and can be set public if needed.

Mailing lists contacts can be created mapped to the desired mailing lists. The name and the Email id of the contact has to be added. If a contact need not receive the mailing list, then the Opt Out option can be checked.

In addition to the above, a recipient can be blacklisted as well. Go to Configuration and select Blacklists option. The Email that has to be blacklisted can be added.