Quit the monotonous Attendance Management Technique and try Odoo Attendance Module

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In many companies, Employees use different systems to Sign-In and Sign-Out and calculate the number of worked hours. Odoo is one step ahead by providing a minimum of two methods to manage the attendance in an Organization. Odoo Attendance Module option for the Organizations to choose a method that is flexible for their framework. The data can be filtered and also viewed as Reports which will be useful when the appraisal period is nearby.


Attendance data is created for employee. Attendance data can be created for every employee by entering the

  • Employee Name
  • Check-In time
  • Check-Out time

Odoo Employee Attendance Module img1

Odoo Employee Attendance Module img2

A bulk of employees can be imported as well. This is mainly helpful when an Organization newly enters into Open ERP Attendace. They can simply import all the data into the attendance module

Once the data is created, they can grouped and filtered in many ways like,

  • Group by Employee Name
  • Group by Check In Date
  • Group by Check Out Date

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By this, we can easily filter the data according to the employees and view the details.


This feature is to log in attendance using the

  • Employee Badges,
  • Manually selecting the Employee using Pin Number

Using Employee Badges

The attendance entry of the Employee is done by scanning the badge of the Employee.

Odoo Employee Attendance Module img3

A scanner equipment can be used in order to scan the batch the scanned ID can be entered in the Employee information under the HR information.

Odoo Employee Attendance Module img7

Manually selecting the Employee using Pin Number

We can use the kiosk mode to enable the attendance by manually selecting the employee as well. For privacy reasons, the Pin Number is set.

To set a Pin Number for the Employee, it has to be enabled in the Configuration of the Attendance module.

Odoo Employee Attendance Module img11

Once this is done, we can set the Pin Number for every employee under the HR Settings in the employee information.

Odoo Employee Attendance Module img7 1

Now we can use the kiosk mode to enter an attendance data. When we manually select an Employee to create an entry, we need to enter the Pin Number of the Employee as well.

Choose the ‘Select Employee’ option

Odoo Employee Attendance Module img3 1

Select the Employee for whom attendance data has to be entered

Odoo Employee Attendance Module img4

The Pin Number for the Employee is entered. If the Pin Number is entered wrongly, an error message will be shown.

Odoo Employee Attendance Module img5

Odoo Employee Attendance Module img6

As and when attendance data is created for employee, it will be updated in the attendance module.


The check-in and check-out mode is another way to enter the attendance data for an Employee.

The Employee will have to login, and enter the Check-in button and the same has to be done when the Employee checks out.

Odoo Employee Attendance Module img8 1


Attendance Analysis

The attendance analysis is done by calculating the Worked hours of every Employee and displaying in the form of Graphs such as Bar chart, Pie chart and Line graph

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The attendance data can be viewed in the form of pivot view as well. The data can be viewed in different dimensions or measures.

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