Quick overview about Odoo Human Resource Management System

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Odoo Human Resource Management System

Human Resource Management comprises of the various function to keep track of all the business processes and data. Odoo Human Resource Management is an open source ERP that can be used to manage the processes by storing the employee data, Leave, Attendance, Expenses etc., Odoo makes it simple and easier to manage the huge amount of data to access. The stored data can be utilized in favor of the organization

Employee Management

Employee Management aids to keep a record of all the employee details. The employee is categorized into Departments,Job Position And Manager. It carries the various details such as Attendance details,HR Settings,Contracts of the employee ,Employee History, Insurance details, Timesheets, Loan information etc., The salary structure details can also be stored for every employee in the employee module itself. Also, the employees are assembled across several departments for easy access. The organization chart is present to view the employee hierarchy.

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Leave Management

The Odoo Leave module helps to keep track of the leave applications. It stores all the details of the employee. Before creating a leave request, leaves must be allocated for every employee (ie) Leave Allocation must be done. The allocation must be approved by the manager in order to create leave requests.

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Once the allocation is accepted, the employee is allowed to create a leave request and the Managers are able to accept/decline the leave request. An email notification and a pop up notification is sent to the employee when the Manager responds to the leave request.

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The various leave types can also be set along with the Mode and Validation. The created leaves will be displayed while creating a leave request.

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Attendance Management

Odoo allows the users to track the attendance data pertaining to every employee along with the working hours. The attendance module calculates the check-in and check-out time also. It helps in sorting the information on account of tasks, client etc., such that timesheets can be tracked.

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Expenses Management

The expenses made in the Organization can be managed by the Expenses module in Odoo. The expense product can be created which contains the Product Type,Cost,Expense Account ,Vendor Taxes And Customer Taxes.

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Once this is created, the employees are allowed to enter the expense record and that in turn has to be approved by the Manager in order to be processed. Once approved, it is managed in the Accounting module. The entire expenses can be viewed in form of a report.

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Recruitment Management

The process of recruitment can be managed efficiently in Odoo. The entire module is processes in such a way that it helps to create new job positions, track the hiring process and store the resumes and letters. The job positions can be closed once the hiring processes is completed and can be resumed anytime.

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