How to have a Simple and effective project management tool using Odoo ERP?

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Project management tool using Odoo ERP helps in managing the projects along with the respective tasks. Using this module, we can efficiently manage the projects and their tasks in real time and in a flexible method. The tasks and issues are displayed in a pipelined manner and the deadlines can be viewed in the calendar view of the module. The Gantt view is also present in order to schedule every task in the project

The projects are displayed in the form of dashboards along with the number of tasks for every project

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A project can be created by entering the name of the project and the Project Manager has to be specified. Different privacy settings are present based on who will be able to view the tasks and the projects

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Once the project is created, the various tasks for the projects can be assigned. The tasks can be created under the respective projects or can be mapped accordingly

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A deadline can be set for the task and a short description and tags can be added for a quicker search

The tasks are created in a pipelined view according to the completion of the tasks or in the form of stages. Each task will belong to a particular stage and can be moved from one stage to another by dragging it

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The stages can be created under the Configuration menu. The stages that are created here will be displayed in the pipelined view of the tasks

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Timesheets can be created with respect to every tasks and they will be recorded in the respective tasks

Here, the timesheet is created against the employee and the number of hours are marked. The percentage of completion will also be noted in the tasks

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The tasks can be viewed in the form of reports and also, the dimensions of the report can be selected in the ‘Measures’ option

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With the help of Reporting, the projects and the respective tasks can be seen like a Overview by which the necessary actions can be taken to enhance the project