Odoo is one step ahead by providing a minimum of two methods to manage the attendance in an Organization.

tenthplanet blog odoo Employee Timesheet handled by Odoo ERP

Timesheet is a method of tracking the employee’s working time under every project and the specific task.To make this work in a more systematic way, Odoo Timesheet Module can be used in Organizations.

tenthplanet blog odoo Not able to maintain the Equipment in your Organization

Odoo ERP Maintenance Module takes the responsibility to maintain the quality of the equipment by various protocols

tenthplanet blog odoo Taking a Database Backup is now easier with Odoo ERP

With Odoo ERP Apps, provides a simple, safe and an automatic way to take the backup of the Database.

tenthplanet blog odoo How to send instant chat notifications to Employees using Odoo E

Auto push chat notifications gives an instant notification whenever an action takes place like, Leave Request or a Helpdesk Ticket.

tenthplanet blog odoo Replace Notepads with OdooERP Notes

Notes in Odoo is the same concept as how we maintain a Notepad which is Simple but an efficient way not to forget important points


The Odoo Visitor / Front Office Management system is a solution for managing the Visitors in an Organization

tenthplanet blog odoo How to Streamline letters and other customer facing communication

Using Letter Management module we can track Inbound / Outbound letters, paper documents that are important for the Organization

tenthplanet blog odoo Why should recruiters use Odoo recruitment software

Odoo Recruitment Module contains built-in features where the entire recruitment process is handled effectively


In Odoo ERP Ticketing system, tickets are generated by Customers and team members take charge of the tickets to provide support to the Customers

tenthplanet blog odoo Internal and external meetings scheduling using Calendars in Odo

Calendar Module in Odoo is to maintain the Internal and External meetings schedules