Data Cleaning is the process of transforming raw data into consistent data that can be analyzed.


This blog focuses on Exploratory Data Analysis and how it plays an important role in obtaining meaningful and useful information from the data using Visualization


Retail POS Offline Operation, works even if disconnected from the internet. The transactions get stored locally on every POS terminals.


It is an application where the data will be synchronized on the Server and PoS terminal. Thus the Master data GRN’s raised, vendor return, price change etc.


Compiere POS & ERP is on Open Source and let us easy, how by using Open Source, the cost of Compiere ERP is affordable. Workflow based process, Flexible user interface


A lot of startup retail and even well-established businesses would've hastily made a decision and spent money on a retail ERP POS software

Top 30 widgets

top 30 widgets that every Odoo developer need to know

6 easy steps

Define a Binary Field Add widget as Signature Add digital signature as dependency E-signature using any device


The main reason why you need to manage inventory is for the smooth functioning of your business.


Retail solution is a complete solution that helps you bill, build customer loyalty, manage customers, keep track of stock...

13 benefits of implementimg Odoo

Odoo ERP is a single software that covers all the requirements. It also helps to improvise the quality and the efficiency of the business.


ERP has now become a highly dependable and a satisfactory model for all business applications.