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tenthplanet blog compiere Compiere supports to manage shelf life in an efficient way either at CustomerProduct level

There are different types of products available in the distribution business, for the case of pharmacy products,

tenthplanet blog compiere Compiere helps to avoid duplicate Sales order entry

One of the most common data entry errors are duplicate orders. Often users enter same Orders multiple times in the ERP system, which costs time in resolving the issue.

tenthplanet blog pentaho Enable Web page compression for Quick Page load

We may notice Sometimes that there is high HTTP traffic, and it's because the server is attempting to return high volumes of data back to the browser.

tenthplanet blog pentaho Create a Business Model using Metadata editor

(PME) is a tool that allows you to build Pentaho metadata domains and relational data models

tenthplanet blog pentaho Connecting With SAP Systems

Pentaho - SAP Connectivity using RFC and BAPI Business Need