Odoo 14 Features and Benefits

- Odoo

Consistently, Odoo redesign and upgrades to their product. This time as well, they reported the new highlights and enhancements offered by their most recent redesign, Odoo 14. How about we examine what this update offers:

Web Builder

The pandemic this year has expanded the requirement for a strong online presence for many business. Remembering this, Odoo has redone its web builder and made a comprehensive framework that permits you to plan custom sites that should beforehand just be possible with programming languages. With the new web designer, you can now effectively pack pictures for better picture streamlining, use versatile shading representations as indicated by your subject tones, and use shapes to rejuvenate your plan with only a couple clicks.


Presently, you can make Spreadsheet  inside Odoo. With this new view, you can pick spreadsheet format and get ready plans, projections and gauges straight forwardly in Odoo. Killing the need to switch between different software, you can likewise have every one of your records saved quickly in your ERP framework.

Data duplication and cleaning

One of the basic issues with a few clients utilizing a similar stage is copying information. Be it CRM, enlistment, contacts, or more, Odoo recently had a multi-step interaction to eliminate copy information. This elaborate sending out information, distinguishing copies, renaming, refreshing, and afterward at last sifting them for erasure. With Odoo 14, this expensive and tedious interaction is presently more limited. Your home screen will presently have an Data cleaning symbol that can be utilized to rapidly clear out CRM duplicated leads or some other rehashed information.

Odoo for Outlook

Scaffolds your email with Odoo database, and the schedules are additionally synchronized. This Outlook module mechanizes the correspondence logging and helps track the group interchanges proficiently. It is additionally a precious instrument for detectable correspondence with clients or when representatives switch associations. You can use office 365 schedule synchronizing with this component.

Inventory administration

The new Odoo 14 Inventory assists check with loading accessibility of the anticipated stock. Odoo 14 zeroed in on effective recharging and assembling measures. You can likewise focus on orders dependent on their desperation by effectively getting to the material tally needed to satisfy a request.


As the world turns to an inexorably virtual workspace, Odoo 14 currently permits you to make events. Through these events, participants can likewise choose the discussions they might want to add to their rundown of top picks and they can see accurately when and where the event is, and collaborate with different participants in media rooms.

Record any movement

Frequently, clients need to share explicit activities of Odoo and save them on record for future references. To satisfy this need, Odoo 14, presently allows you to record your movements.


With Odoo 14, you would now be able to alter records effortlessly. Suppose you have a solitary PDF with all your seller bills for the month. You can undoubtedly mail it to your data set and split it with PDF shaper. Its new form permits you to keep the pages you need and offer them with your bookkeeping group.

Few other snippets that Odoo 14 features includes

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