Odoo 14 Website Management – Compare EE Vs CE

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The following table shows the difference between Odoo 14 Community Vs Enterprise edition – Website Management

Website Apps Description Odoo 14 CE Odoo 14 EE
Website Builder Website Builder has many features including count down snippets, social media connections, word processor etc. yes yes
eCommerce Odoo e-commerce app help companies sell products across different platforms. yes yes
eCommerce – Amazon connector You can synchronize your Amazon orders and manage deliveries in Odoo 14. The Amazon connector automatically fills the sales order using Amazon’s information. no yes
eCommerce – ebay connector Odoo 14 eBay Connector provides you the complete solution to connect Odoo to eBay. If you are also handling multiple eBay seller accounts then Odoo Multichannel eBay Connector will help you in the easy way. no yes
Blogs Odoo Blog helps to share the news, latest updates and media documents along with the write-ups about the products, solutions and services offered by a company. yes yes
Forums Odoo Forums allows the users to raise questions and to discuss about different topics. Your customers might be more interested to your company as they would be spending time to get the details of your business. yes yes
Events Create your event pages with Odoo’s predefined building blocks. You can create landing pages, agenda, speakers list, registrations, images, links in just a few button clicks. yes yes
Live Chat You can engage in direct communication with the prospective customers visiting your website using Odoo Live Chat app. It helps to speed up the sale process as communication is instant. yes yes
eLearning You can create courses, discussion forums using the Odoo e-learning module. It also provides options to take quizzes, to download content and to get certifications etc., yes yes