Odoo 14 Marketing Automation – Compare EE Vs CE

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The following table shows the difference between Odoo 14 Community Vs Enterprise edition – Marketing Management

Marketing Apps Description Odoo 14 CE Odoo 14 EE
Email Marketing With Odoo Email Marketing, you can create professional emails with just a clicks and you can send bulk mailings to your leads, customers, etc., yes yes
Email Marketing – Mailing Templates Odoo provides pre-built templates fully customizable to meet your needs. You can save your emails as a template and reuse them for your future campaigns. no yes
SMS Odoo SMS module helps the user to identify the best strategy, prepare the campaigns and schedule them easily. yes yes
Survey Surveys used to get different feedback, evaluate the results of the events, measure how the customers are happy with your products/services. yes yes
Social Marketing Social marketing provides options to Send & Schedule Posts in platform like Facebook, Twitter. Add streams, send push notifications, create campaigns, track online visitors etc no yes
Marketing Automation Marketing automation in Odoo helps in automating the flow of work. It automates different aspects of marketing such as “Direct Marketing”, “Indirect Marketing”, “Advertising”, “Branding” etc., no yes