Odoo 14 Enterprise Edition On Cloud

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Odoo is a widely used open source ERP to help you manage all your business activities: sales, CRM, website, eCommerce, accounting, MRP, purchasing, inventory, HRM, production, warehousing, project management, inventory, etc.

The server (Odoo Online) is controlled by Odoo and the Odoosh can be controlled by the user. The user can choose any version of Odoo as long as it supports the latest stable version.

In the Odoo community, hosting must be handled by your own hosting, either on site or on a server. In the Enterprise Edition, on the other hand, you have the option of having additional options for using cloud hosting. The Odoo Enterprise Subscription Agreement will be made and can be renewed by both parties.

Key Features of Odoo 14 Enterprise Edition On Cloud

  • No installation required
  • Easy server maintenance
  • Easy Migration to latest edition
  • Email server option
  • Security
  • Odoo standard without customization
  • Odoo apps without third-party apps

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If you are looking for a suitable hosting solution for Odoo 14, please contact our technical and functional consultants. We are not only suggest suitable hosting types, but also help you automate server security.