NTA(Non-Trading Account) Product

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The NTA Product Tab defines each product and identifies it for use in NTA orders. The Location is the default location when receiving the stored product. When Orders are placed by the Organization which are not intended for sales purposes and to register the Expenditures for a campaign or a promotion. The key decision makers would like to look at how much the company’s budget can maintain such promotions and campaigns. Also when tallying the profits and for maintaining ledgers, Non-Trade Accounting features are a must in an ERP

Scenario(When / Why do we need this feature)

Without Non-Trading Accounts features in ERP, The Backoffice process would become much more hassle with just Spreadsheets and other documents. That might lead to human errors like typos, visual stress, data inconsistency and data unavailability


How did the feature transform the business process

With easy to use NTA Specific Screens/Forms and Windows, back office process becomes streamlined and less tedious. And what’s more, the accounting, ledgers and related entities get updated with relevant data and reports reflect the real time data as and when they are updated. This makes it easier for the decision makers and key people to control their budget for Campaigns, Promotions and other NTA procedures

“Streamlined Non-Trade Accounting Forms for easy BackOffice Process”


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Author: Madhesh Mani

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