Integrating SharePoint to Salesforce

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SharePoint to Salesforce integration can be done using the below two components

  • File Connect – Access the SharePoint files.
  • Lightning Connect – Access the SharePoint Meta information.

Using Salesforce ‘Files Connect’ Component:blog sharepoint1

Files Connect- ‘Share a copy’ vs ‘Share a reference’:

blog sharepoint2
Using Salesforce ‘Lightning Connect’ Component:blog sharepoint3

Files Connect – Features

  • User access the SharePoint files from Salesforce.
  • Share a SharePoint file with the other users, groups in Salesforce.
  • Share a SharePoint file to the chatter in Salesforce.
  • Browse and search for a SharePoint file from Salesforce.
  • Download the SharePoint files from Salesforce.
  • Users can also attach the SharePoint files to feeds, groups or records

Lightning Connect – Features

  • Provides a simple way to integrate data from SharePoint to Salesforce
  • Data transfer is Secure.
  • Lightning connect behaves like a custom object, views, tab and reports in Salesforce.
  • Auto sync of data between SharePoint and Salesforce
  • It consumes data from any external data sources (like SharePoint, Sql Server, etc.)

Lightning Connect vs Files Connect

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