Indian HR Payroll Features in Odoo ERP

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Indian Payroll processing is the process of the administration of employees financial records which includes Salary, Bonus, Deductions, Gross and Net Pay. This process can be effectively done in Odoo Human Resource Management. It covers the entire process of Payroll such as :

  • Leaves
  • Attendances
  • Time sheets
  • Expenses

There are various steps that have to be done in order to complete an entire payroll process along with the initial settings. Firstly, the various salary rules, salary structure and salary category must be set according to the company. The Contracts must be set for every employee which comprises of the relevant salary rules and salary structures. One or more contracts can be set for an employee in which the active or the latest one will be taken for the payroll process.

The payslips are generated for every employee with respect to every employee’s salary rule and structure. The payslips can be generated as batches also.


A set of salary rule would define the computation of a salary structure. The various salary rules can be of Basic, Allowance, Deduction, Gross, Net. The combination of all these will constitute a salary structure. The sequence of the rule and a unique code must be specified for every salary rule for payslip calculations

Indian HRPayroll SalaryRule img1

The “General” tab includes the condition and the various computations for each of the salary rule. Conditions can be based on the

  • Range
  • Python expression
  • Always true

The computation of an amount can be based on

  • Percentage
  • Fixed Amount
  • Python code

Various child rules can also be added in a salary rule. The debit and credit account must also be entered such that the process can be made easier. Additionally, attachments can also be made for every salary rule.

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Salary structure is the collection of a set of salary rules which is essential for computing a payslip. A single salary structure can be used by many departments and employees. The name of the salary structure can be given according to every employee like Marketing Executive, Sales Manager etc., The name, reference and Company must be specified along with the set of salary rules for the salary structure. The base structure is already present and it includes Basic, Gross and Net.

Indian HRPayroll SalaryStructure img1

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Every employee is assigned with a contract. The contract will contain the salary structure for that employee which again consists of all the salary rules. The employee may have one or more contract. But, the active or the latest one will be considered for the payroll process.

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In contract, we specify the salary structure that is needed for the employee. For accounting, salary journal and analytic account is essential. In the case of Contract, the start and the end date of the contract has to be specified along with the scheduled pay option.

Once the contract is created, it will be in the active stage which means in the running stage and that will be accounted for the payroll process. A pipeline is present to arrange the various contracts for the employee.

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If an employee is under an active contract, then the payslip can be generated for those employees. The payslip will be calculated according to the salary structure that is present for that contract. Once the employee name and the contract are selected, the number of worked days will be automatically computed with respect to the working days entered for that employee.

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To generate the payslip, the salary journal must be selected as mandatory one. When “Compute Payslip” button is clicked, the Salary Computation and the Details according to the Salary Rule Category will also be computed automatically. The other inputs that are present for the employee like,Loan, Leave availed etc., will also be mentioned in the payslip.

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Payslips can be generated for a bunch or a batch of employees. The employees can be grouped accordingly and the payslips can be generated together. Go to Payslip Batches, enter the period, salary journal and the company name. Under the Payslips tab, enter the names of the employees or click Generate Payslips button in order to enter the names of the employees. Once the names of the employees are entered, click the save button and generate the payslip. A payslip batch will be created for a set of employees

Indian HRPayroll PayslipBatches img