Are you in need of effective communication and collaboration software. Lets try Odoo Discuss module

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Odoo Discuss module is an easy way to communicate among the team members in an Organization. The module allows you to send and receive messages to your team members and also it has a facility to mange group chats as well. This module is efficient because the user can initiate chats from any module.

Message Inbox

Odoo Discuss module img1

The above image is a view of the Discuss module where the messages can be sent and received. When a message is received, pop-up notifications are also available for easy communication

Odoo discussmodule img5


Channels are used for group conversation. A default group called #general will be present that contains all the employees.

Odoo Discuss module img3

To create a new channel, the “+” button has to be clicked and a new channel will be created. When a new channel is created, click on the new channel to set privacy settings and to also add the members

Odoo Discuss module img4

Images and documents can also be sent in the conversation which makes it easier to communicate and also to exchange documents

Odoo discussmodule img6

Online status of other employees can also be viewed. Green dot indicates that the employee is online. ‘See the Desktop Notification’ option allows us to view the direct messages sent by the other employees