How to do Payroll in 11 Simple steps using Odoo?

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Running Payroll using Odoo is very simple, Easier and Faster. We offer cloud based cost effective solutions for complete HR management using Odoo.

Let us explain how to generate payroll in 11 simple steps.

Follow the steps mentioned below to run payslip batch process and if any issue please contact TenthPlanet immediately for Support.

STEP 1 : Enter Details like Batch Name, Date from, Date to

For Example

Batch Name – September 2019

Date From – 01/09/2019

Date To – 30/09/2019

STEP 2 :Save this payslip Batch as a next step

STEP 3 : Click on Generate Payslips button to proceed to next step

STEP 4 : Now click add a line a button to move on to next step

STEP 6 : In this screen we can see the list of all active employees to process Payroll

STEP 7 : We are going to filter only eligible employees for Payroll

STEP 8 : By default system will show only 80 employees in a list and hence we are editing the count to 264 to run all employees payroll in a single batch.

STEP 9 : Just click on check box near Name field to select all Employees for Payroll Process

STEP 10 : Now click on Generate payslips button. This process will take minimum of 4-10 minutes. Please wait untill progress bar is getting closed on its own. Do not disturb the system during this process.

STEP 11 : Once the batch process is completed, We can see the all payslips are generated for selected employees during batch process. We are done with payroll process for this month.





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