How easy to upgrade the Pentaho Server by Chimney?

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What is Chimney?

Chimney, the Pentaho server audit and upgrade tool developed by Tenth Planet Technologies Big Data Analytics Team. The process of Upgrade and Auditing almost covers all aspects of the Pentaho Server Architecture. To know more about the aspects involved in the Chimney and see the sample report, click this blog link.

Easy Pentaho Audit & Upgrade

This Product will audit the Pentaho Server to the core of Infrastructure, Security, Other tools used and any customization deployed. Also, it exports the result of the audit to PDF format for a clear reference. So now we are enough aware of the challenges and risks while upgrading the server.

Upgrade Process is the automated process where we should give a few inputs related to the physical path of the Pentaho Server Installation and upgrade path. All the libraries, plugins, repository, etc. will be migrated to the upgraded version of the Pentaho Server.

BA and DI Server

Most of the organization maintains separate Pentaho BA servers and Pentaho DI servers. It means the BA Solution tools with repository and DI repository with Client tools will be maintained in the separate instance or clustered. This type of Upgrade can be done through Chimney Tool.

BA Server and DI Server of Version from 4.8 to The Latest Pentaho Server can be upgraded and migrated easily. Chimney will navigate the step-by-step process of migration and upgrade of the server.

Easy Debugging

As Chimney is the automated tool for Audit and Upgrade of the Pentaho server, it takes care of each step and process. In case of any issue/error, it throws the error, causes, and fix/solutions. TPT Development team has tested with maximum test/use cases so debugging will be refined.