Handle the Documents maintained in an Organization using Odoo ERP

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Odoo ERP provides a module to manage all the documents associated with an Organization. This makes the work easier and also it makes sure that the documents are safe.

Also, sub documents or child documents can be created under one parent document.By this, different departments can maintain different documents under their department name. Hence, this can be used for a whole Organization or for a particular team also.

A bulk of documents can also be imported directly in the form of excel sheets.

Document creation

A document can be handled by all the Employees or a particular team. The child or the parent documents can be added and the corresponding Employee’s name will also be stored for further reference.

A document is created by entering the name, content of the document and any extra description if necessary.

Odoo Document Mangement img1

A child document can be mapped to the parent document by again entering the document details such as:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Content
  • Parent document

Odoo Document Management img2

Odoo Document Management img3

The child document can be added one below the other and the Child Count will be updated accordingly. Also,the following details will also be updated:

  • Created By : the user who created the child document.
  • Created On : the date on which the document was created.
  • Last updated by : the employee who updated document recently.
  • Last updated on : the date on which the document was lastly updated.

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Hence by this, a clear information of which Employee updated on what date is stored.

Once this mapping is done, the file attachments can be done. Click on the Attachments tab on the top of the screen and add the document accordingly.

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Viewing the Documents

The document can be marked in different colors for a differentiation between the documents. The documents can be viewed in Kanban and List view.

In the Kanban view of the documents, the documents are displayed based on the Month that the document was created.

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The number of child documents for that parent document is also displayed in the form of numbers.

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The documents can be grouped and filtered according to the Parent,Child, etc.,

Import Documents

A bulk of documents can be imported in the form of excel sheets.

Odoo Document Management img11

The excel sheet has to be mapped according to the parent documents and the field in the document.

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