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Description of Transport Manifest

The Generate Transport Manifest screen in Compiere helps to create the manifest of a truck that carries the customer’s shipment. Based on different parameters like Branch, Warehouse, and Shipment Date the Shipment’s generated and not yet shipped can be filtered. Along with the shipment name the truck and the driver’s information can also be captured. Once the Transport Manifest is generated a print out is automatically generated for users to give one copy to the driver and one for the Logistics team.

Scenario(When / Why do we need this feature)


Without Generate Transport Manifest feature, the Logistics team will not be able to track which shipment is on which truck. In case of any customer escalations, they will not be able to trace the customer’s shipment and provide accurate & timely response.

How did the feature transform the business process

With easy to use “Generate Transport Manifest” screen in the system, when orders are processed, the Logistics team will be able to keep track of which shipment is sent by which truck and route. This will help to track their shipment on a real-time basis.

Once this is maintained in the system, manual tracking is avoided. Since the system helps to choose the shipment according to the customer’s location, the users are able to group the shipments according to the route. This helps in reducing the delivery time and also transportation cost.

“Route based Transport Manifest preparation for improved shipment tracking”


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