Experience Uninterrupted business process in Retail POS even when internet is disconnected

- Compiere

My business is operating normally,what could go wrong?

Retail business depends solely on how quickly POS terminals finish sales. Any downtime however small may it be is unacceptable coz, it gives/builds a bad rep among the consumers who wait in line. In this present world, everything needs to be connected for anything to work. Internet plays a crucial role in every business and yet, we can’t guarantee that internet’s never gonna fail or drop speed for some unknown reasons and we can’t afford to lose business just because we had an isolated incident.

Do they have a contingency plan?

Experts in tenth planet technologies believe that any software irrespective of whether its a cloud-based or standalone thick client solution should in no way stop the business process for a silly reason as internet connectivity coz its not fair to the customer coz they depend on the software solutions as its a part of their business and thus their goal. So We at tenth planet technologies have come up with “Compiere ERP” a dedicated product for the retail industry that will not break down on the event of connectivity issues.

How’d they pull it off?

The transactions get stored locally on every POS terminals as and when they occur. Once internet becomes available, the POS system identifies the event and tries to synchronize the transaction data with the server in that particular branch and repeats the process until every data gets synchronized successfully.