Different types of Reports in Odoo 14

- Odoo

Odoo is one of the best ERP solutions available today, providing various reports, projections, PDFs, graphical presentations and spreadsheets. In this blog, we will know the Odoo reports that help to manage business documents easily.

The Odoo ERP report format includes several reports

  • Accounting reports
  • Sales reports
  • Product Performance reports
  • Payrolls
  • Product inventories
  • Procurement Reports
  • Timesheets Report
  • Inventory reports, etc.

You can use QWeb to define the report template in HTML format, which is equivalent to creating a web page. QWeb reports in Odoo generally help companies provide curious reports on business activities and processes. You can easily learn how to create custom reports with Odoo using the QWeb reporting engine.

Using Spreadsheet reports, users can create complex reports with current data. If you work with your own custom spreadsheets, you can let Odoo create report templates that are useful for businessess.