10 Major Difference Between Odoo 14 Enterprise Vs Community Edition

- Odoo

There is a significant difference between the Odoo 14 Enterprise Vs Community Edition.

  1. The Enterprise is the paid version and the Community the free version.
  2. The Enterprise version provides unlimited functional support for upgrades to public and private cloud hosting, but this feature is not available in the community.
  3. Enterprise ERP module offers users full access to application-specific functions. This is fully integrated into the paid version and allows users to use various features not available in the community version.
  4. In addition to basic elements such as blog templates and presentations, Odoo Enterprise Edition users have access to form creation, call-to-action blocks, versioning, A / B testing, and improved visitor retention.
  5. Enterprise edition supports PLM maintenance, quality and shipping integrations. In addition, it has user support for additional features such as eBay connection, payment integration, Amazon connection, etc.
  6. Both the Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise differ in structure and ease of use. One of the preferred viewpoints of both versions is that they are optimized for gadgets such as desktops, tablets and smartphones. Compared to the community version, the enterprise version has a lot of functionality to offer.
  7. With soothing colors and menu structure, Odoo Enterprise has more users and is more acceptable compared to the community. However, it is a licensed version of Odoo, with annual costs and royalties added.
  8. In the Odoo Enterprise Edition, users have access to VoIP integration, subscription, digital products, e-signatures and helpdesk. In addition, this version lets users rent Odoo developer modules, assessments, department-level dashboards, and employee insights.
  9. The Community Edition helps you integrate free and paid third-party apps into your Odoo Community Edition for a fee. Multi-vendor community groups can offer solutions to both Odoo Community and Enterprise Edition users.
  10. The Odoo Enterprise version supports all features of Odoo Studio, such as screen customization, report designer, menu editor, and app creator, while withholding these features from the community.

Companies can choose whether they want to use the Odoo community and have the features further developed or whether they need to opt for Odoo Enterprise in order to use the full functionality.