Credit Limit Request

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Description of Credit Limit Request

Customer can purchase good through cash or credit sales. Using Credit sales Customer can purchase the goods through credit upto limit amount specified. Credit considers all the open invoices amount as well the current order values.

Scenario(When / Why do we need this feature)


During special campaigns/seasonal periods, customers are requested to increase the credit limit for a period of time with specific amount. As current situation allows only to increase the amount without time basis and no approval for the increase. This causes over credit when compared to the actual sales to the users.

How did the feature transform the business process

Using credit limit request we can you increase the credit limit for a customer with specified amount with time interval. When the time exceeds the credit limit will be invalid. so only during the specified period user can use the additional credit amount for their purchases. Here different level of approval are existed in order to verify the proposed the credit limit for the customer. So we have complete authorization for credit limit increase with validity.


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