Any Company will be paying monthly Salaries to their employees. There will be various components to the Salary including Basic, HRA, DA,Mediclaim, Other Components etc

Companies use Trial Balance as a means to understand the Financial Position of the Company as compared to the Previous Financial Year.

Challenges in deployment of web spoon and solutions for each challenges.

tenthplanet blog compiere What do the customers expect from the ERP PRODUCT and VENDOR

Flexible Pricing, Out Of Box Features, Auto Updates on Compliance / Regulations

tenthplanet blog compiere What are the expectations of an ERP customer

Looking for a FIXED PRICE implementation & go live services. Looking for a FIXED PRICE for annual support for standard bugs, clarifications, data fixes and minimal change requests

tenthplanet blog compiere compiere erp implementation

Compiere is a leading Cloud-based, open-source ERP software system. Compiere provide solutions with easy, flexible, low-cost access to rich functionality

tenthplanet blog compiere How to decide on the right ERP right Vendor right Investment

Compare the Modules, Features, Add-ons specific to your business AS-IS or TO-BE needs. Compare the License fees for software, infrastructure for 5 years +