Bad Signs You’ve Outgrown Running Your Business in Outdated ERP, Switch over to Odoo Open Source ERP within 30 days

- Odoo

Here are the list of bad signs that SME’s are facing without using updated ERP software’s. Move to Odoo Open Source ERP within 30 days

1. Your organization uses spreadsheets to manage business areas like Orders, Customers, Leads, Inventory or Production

2. You organization will struggle to manage inventory

3. Multiple software for each Departments and they doesn’t collaborate with each other

4. You’re creating reports manually or not at all

5. You’re circulating multiple spreadsheet for updates

6. Important decisions are made on guesswork

7. You have to manage sales forecasting, production or material requirement planning without actual information on a real-time basis

7. Cost of production and sales margins are not accurately known

8. Managers are unable to approve transactions once they are finalized by their Team

9. You are not able to have backup of your transaction securely

10. Your data is not easy to be accessed by Top Management anywhere.

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