TENTHPLANET CRM BLOG Why customers should back up Salesforce Data

There is a general perception on data being safe, when we are using a cloud service. While there could be some basic protection, it’s not enough to protect data in a number of situations

The production org is the LIVE salesforce instance and keeping it up and running is critical to any business

tenthplanet blog salesforce Salesforce acquisition of Tableau

Salesforce acquiring of big data firm Tableau is aimed at offering more data insights to its clients

tenthplanet blog salesforce Things we need to know before migrating to lightning experience

It’s the first step towards acquiring new tools and features. Migration to lightning experience is a complex process and detailed preparation and planning are essential to success

tenthplanet blog salesforce How to create Communities in Salesforce

Salesforce Communities can be created to connect Customers, Employee, and Partners at one place.


Salesforce and SharePoint integration can be done using the below two components. File Connect, Lightning Connect