Adestra integration with Salesforce

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  • Adestra is a cloud based email service platform.
  • Adestra is a email marketing tool
  • Adestra is used to email marketing campaigns

About Message Focus:

  • Message Focus the API provided by Adestra to communicate with any external system.
  • It communicates with external system via web service.
  • Communication between the web service and Message focus can be automated and reverse process can be done to automate the process.
  • It communicates with web service/database for sending emails (campaign).

Message Focus Technical details:

  • Using Perl programming language Message Focus is developed.
  • Remote Procedural call used to communicate with Adestra API services

Key Benefits

  • Easy-to-use: send your Campaign Members to Message Focus from Salesforce in just a couple of clicks.
  • Improved data security: remove the need for manual processes when uploading data into Message Focus.
  • Real time data transfer: enabling up-to-date lists of campaign members to be transferred to Message Focus.
  • Save time and resource: reduce manual processes of downloading and uploading data.

Adestra Integration with Salesforce

  • Using Message focus API we can integrate the Adestra with Salesforce
  • Initially remote site settings should be done in salesforce
  • Message focus related configurations will be done in Adestra

Note: We need to little bit explore on basic configurations on the Adestra system.

  • Using the Apex class we can consume the web service of the Message focus and then we can push the data to salesforce.

Note: As per Adestra documentation for basic communication between Adestra and salesforce we having the click and configurations feature in the Adestra system.